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Alison Rheaume, MS

Public Speaker | Artist | Advocate

Hi, I'm Ali!

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Public Speaker | Artist | Advocate

In 2016, I sustained two Traumatic Brain Injuries and had a medication reaction that lead me to living at a 10% functioning level.

I've rehabbed back from a wheelchair to walking and from non-verbal to public speaking.

I have years of experience as a licensed educator, a BS in Movement Science, and a MS in Health & Physical Education, which has not only helped me in my own journey of healing, but also now benefits the education and advocacy I put forth with others!

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Alison Rheaume



Virtual support group for individuals navigating life post-concussion.

In-person social hour for individuals navigating life with disability.

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I've spoken in a number of engagements about hope, advocacy, faith, strategies, education, and growth mindset to hundreds of people.

By using acrylic, watercolor and embroidery mediums, I've created works of art that you'll treasure forever. I also create and sell inspiring apparel - check it out!