Welcome to Embracing Unique!

This is an art-based small business intended to inspire, encourage, and

be a light, through what is created.

“Ali is incredibly talented! Her eye for color, shadow, nuance is amazing! My friend cried when she opened her gift. Thank you Ali!!” - Customer

Hey, I'm Ali!

I am an award-winning artist who began embracing art after sustaining a trumatic brain injury.

What I offer:

  • watercolor paintings
  • acrylic paintings
  • embroidery
  • logo design
  • business card design
  • apparel design
  • powerpoint design

"I paint things that are

important to people."

Whether it's a favorite family photo, a special event captured, a meaningful view of a particular landscape,

or even a house, I can turn your photo into a beautiful hand-made watercolor painting!

“Ali payed close attention to detail from a photograph and captured the true essence of a childhood memory, fondly preserved.”- Customer


Brushstroke Arrow Smooth Curve Down


Brushstroke Arrow Smooth Curve Down

Other Art

Email me for commissions: arheaume10@gmail.com

Logo Design

Pictured: Logo created - do not duplicate

Acrylic Painting

Pictured: Acrylic painting 9"x12"


Pictured: Hand-drawn & Embroidered 4"