Life After


You are not alone.

We can navigate this together.

Life After Concussion

You do not need to navigate post-concussion life alone!

The mission of LAC (Life After Concussion) is to provide opportunity and space for anyone who has sustained a concussion to feel seen, heard, and supported. We encourage authenticity and value vulnerability, all within embracing a growth mindset.

How can we help you? Continue reading below.

Image: Ali, a white female with long curly dirty blonde ​hair, wearing a grey oversized sweater, holding a coffee ​mug, appearing to laugh in her living room.

Hey, I'm Ali Rheaume!

After sustaining TBI from concussion in 2016, combined with a medication reaction,

I have progressed from a hospital bed to here! The journey has lead me to create space for encouraging, assisting, and joining others in the process too.

My background includes education, coaching, ministry, creativity, and more.

I enjoy helping people honor the past, acknowledge the present, and navigate into the future with hope!

Post-Concussion Support Group

Virutal Support Group

Date: 2nd Wednesday of the month

Time: 2:00pm - 3:30pm ET

A welcoming space to:

  • relate with others
  • share challenges
  • celebrate wins
  • learn strategies

  • discuss topics
  • discover purpose
  • and more!

Image: Ali wearing a pink tank top with her hair in a ​braid, smiling in her living room.

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