Public Speaking

Alison Rheaume, MS

Ali is an engaging, inspirational, and compelling speaker with vast national experience in-person, virtually, and on podcasts. She approaches life with joy, humor, and vulnerability that is relatable and encouraging to the audience.


“The Blank Paper”

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Have you ever been in a situation that didn’t go the way you expected it to? It can be hard to adapt or figure out what you’re doing, right?

Through wisdom, joy, and lived experience,

this keynote presentation will provide you with encouragement, inspiration, and examples for how to take one step at a time towards new intentions.

Ali shares how she transitioned from being an Elementary School Physical Education Teacher to becoming an Award-Winning Artist after traumatic brain injury.





Brain Injury

Figuring out who you are and what you can do after brain injury can feel exhausting and frustrating. This presentation is a relatable and encouraging opportunity explore the journey of discovery from a survivor’s past to the future.



between patients

and providers

This co-presentation with Taryn Barlow, M.S.CCC-SLP; CBIS is intended to address optimal processing, strategies, and awareness for effective communication, so that everyone feels heard, validated, and accommodated.



Ever wonder what a child is thinking or feeling? Let's talk about what to look for, how to address, and what to avoid, in the areas of

overstimulation, processing, and attention. This presentation is prime for anyone who works with, or has children.

Embracing a ​Growth Mindset

You hear people talk about having a "growth mindset", but how do you actually work on it? This is a supportive presentation that honors the "tough stuff" of life, while providing three strategies to help you have hope for the future among it all.

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Creativity Throughout

Brain Injury Recovery

Embracing creativity is a beneficial way to engage in activity, improve fine motor skills, and feel purpose again after brain injury. This presentation is an enthusiastic reminder that everyone can be creative, even if that looks different than before.


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Spokesperson & Modeling

Need someone to interview, film, or photograph for an organization, media content, event, or advertising related to brain injury or disability ?

I'm here for you!

Most recent experiences include interviewing, filming and photographing with:

  • ThinkArgus, for Mass Rehab Commission
  • Abbott Laboratories